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DEBSHAKTI ® is an agarbatti (Incense stick) manufacturer. We started our operation in the year 2015 at 16th Feb. at Nimta, Kolkata (West Bengal, India). We are engaged in offering the best quality of agarbatti (Incense stick); Bamboo stick; agarbatti raw material; Automatic agarbatti making machine; Charcoal Powder; agarbatti perfume and agarbatti branding material.

Black (charcoal) agarbatti
Raw Agarbatti

Raw agarbatti are widely used for making perfumed agarbatti or branded agarbatti. Raw agarbatti or unscented agarbatti are industrial product and it is available at all parts of India from Debshakti and other Raw Agarbatti supplier or Raw Agarbatti manufacturer.

We produce all types of raw agarbatti like Black Raw agarbatti or Charcoal Agarbatti, White Raw Agarbatti, Colour Raw Agarbatti, 12 inch Orange colour raw agarbatti and etc. As a Raw agarbatti manufacturer we believe in providing quality and value. **We provide 100% positive burning result on our every stick.

agarbatti bamboo sticks
Agarbatti Bamboo sticks

Bamboo sticks are one of the main agarbatti raw material. Bamboo sticks are mainly used to hold the other raw materials (agarbatti masala). Also, protect it from breakage. That's why a consumer can happily burn an unbroken superfine agarbatti (incense stick), feel the freshness of Debshakti aroma agarbatti. And an agarbatti manufacturer can easily pack and transport there agarbatti (Incense stick) in a cost-effective way.

​ We produce fully polished Round Bamboo Sticks for agarbatti making, with 3 sizes 8 inch bamboo stick, 9 inch bamboo sticks and 12 inch bamboo stick at our factory which is located at Tripura, India. As an Agarbatti Bamboo sticks manufacturer we believe in providing quality and value.

agarbatti raw materials
Incense Stick Raw Material

Debshakti Agarbatti Enterprise is one of the leading agarbatti raw material manufacturer and supplier in India. We Provide all types off agarbatti raw materials like joss powder or jiggat powder, charcoal powder, agarbatti wood dust, fine dust, white wood dust, white premix for color stick, bamboo sticks, guar gum powder, china bamboo sticks, indian bamboo sticks, agarbatti perfume, DEP oil or agarbatti oil.

we are supplying agarbatti raw materials agarbatti perfume or agarbatti scent through all over India, mainly west bengal, Bihar, Odisa, kolkata, Jharkhand.

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Official Address

Debshakti Agarbatti Enterprise

Dakshin Golbagan, Nimta

Kolkata-700049, North 24 Parganas

West Bengal, India

Payment Method
net banking, DD, Cash, Cheque
* Bank details will be disclose in PI and Tax Invoice
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