Bamboo sticks are one of the main agarbatti raw material.

Bamboo sticks are mainly used to hold the other raw materials (agarbatti masala). Also, protect it from breakage. That's why a consumer can happily burn an unbroken superfine agarbatti (incense stick), feel the freshness of Debshakti aroma agarbatti. And an agarbatti manufacturer can easily pack and transport there agarbatti (Incense stick) in a cost-effective way.

Types of bamboo sticks

In agarbatti industry, bamboo sticks are categories by its shape, size and origin.

As per shape, it's divided into two categories square bamboo stick and round bamboo stick. Round bamboo sticks are a polished version of square bamboo sticks. Square bamboo sticks used for hand roll agarbatti. And round bamboo sticks are used to produce agarbatti by automatic agarbatti making machine.

As per size, agarbatti bamboo stick divided into various sizes by market demand like 8 inches, 9 inches, 12 inches. 8 inches and 9 inches agarbatti bamboo sticks are in high sale sizes worldwide.

A per origin, In India three types of bamboo sticks are available China bamboo stick, Vietnam bamboo Sticks and Indian bamboo sticks. Now China bamboo sticks are mostly used in India due to its fine quality. We also produce finely polished round bamboo sticks at our won factory 'Green Park Industries', Tripura, India.

Where to buy bamboo sticks ?

In every part of India, you will get the supply of bamboo sticks from us or other bamboo sticks manufacturer and supplier.

Business opportunity

As an agarbatti bamboo sticks manufacturer you have lots of opportunity in India due to huge demand. Every month tons of bamboo sticks are importing from China


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