How to Make Kavada / Kevda / Kewda / Kewra Agarbatti Perfume

Kavada / Kevda / Kewda / Kewra Agarbatti Perfume Recipe

Creating the enchanting aroma of Kewra agarbatti perfume is a delicate art that requires meticulous measurements. Here's a step-by-step guide to making this captivating fragrance.


Ingredient State Quantity Type
Kewra Oil Terpeneless Liquid 20 grams Essential Oil
Kewra Oil Absolute Liquid 80 grams Essential Oil
Benzyl Benzoate Liquid 350 grams Ester
P. E. A Liquid 70 grams Alcohol
Nonyl Aldehyde 50% Liquid 10 grams Aldehyde
Ylang - Ylang Oil Liquid 10 grams Essential Oil
Tuberose Liquid 10 grams Essential Oil
Kewra Resinoid Liquid 20 grams Resinoid
Cinnamic Alcohol Liquid 7 grams Alcohol
Terpineol Liquid 180 grams Terpene Alcohol
Benzyl Acetate Liquid 13 grams Ester
Ethyl Venillin Liquid 5 grams Synthetic Compound
Di-Methyl Benzyl Acetate Liquid 50 grams Ester
Carbinyl Acetate Liquid 25 grams Ester


1. Gather Your Ingredients

Start by collecting all the necessary ingredients and arranging them in your workspace.

2. Measure the Ingredients

  • Carefully measure 20 grams of Kewra Oil Terpeneless, an essential oil.
  • Measure 80 grams of Kewra Oil Absolute, another essential oil.
  • Take 350 grams of Benzyl Benzoate, an ester.
  • Measure 70 grams of P. E. A (Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol), an alcohol.
  • Measure 10 grams of Nonyl Aldehyde 50%, an aldehyde.
  • Take 10 grams of Ylang - Ylang Oil, an essential oil.
  • Measure 10 grams of Tuberose, another essential oil.
  • Take 20 grams of Kewra Resinoid, a resinoid.
  • Measure 7 grams of Cinnamic Alcohol, another alcohol.
  • Measure 180 grams of Terpineol, a terpene alcohol.
  • Measure 13 grams of Benzyl Acetate, an ester.
  • Take 5 grams of Ethyl Venillin, a synthetic compound.
  • Measure 50 grams of Di-Methyl Benzyl Acetate, an ester.
  • Measure 25 grams of Carbinyl Acetate, another ester.

3. Blend the Fragrance

  • In a suitable container, combine all the measured ingredients according to the specified quantities.

4. Test the Aroma

  • Gently mix the fragrance blend to ensure uniform distribution of all components.
  • For a quick fragrance test, dip an agarbatti into the mixture and ignite it to experience the scent.

5. Proper Storage

  • Store the prepared fragrance mixture in an airtight container, away from direct sunlight and heat. This preserves the fragrance's quality over time.

6. Usage

This exquisite Kewra agarbatti perfume can be used in various applications, such as agarbatti and dhup sticks. Adjust the quantity used to achieve the desired fragrance strength.

Enjoy the captivating and alluring aroma of your custom Kewra agarbatti perfume!

Remember to handle all ingredients with care and adhere to any safety guidelines provided by manufacturers.

Test a little bit of the perfume before making a lot, in case you don't end up liking it.

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