How to make White phenyl and how to start a white phenyl making business

White phenyl is a disinfecting agent, manufactured from Pine oil, which is commonly used in the household. White phenyl is used to clean the floor after diluted on water. White phenyl is fully safe to use on every type of floors like wooden floor, glass, plastic, cement and store.

Market Demand

White phenyl is a very demanded product due to its disinfecting effects. You can easily buy it from a local retail store, shopping mall or any online store due to its sufficient supply on the market.

Let's know how to make this very demandable household cleaning agent

Investment in this business

How much investment needed to start a white phenyl manufacturing business, it entirely depends on you like how big you want to do. If you want to start this business with an initial amount of 5000 or 10000 you can start it easily. After making some experience in this field you can invest more. But, you can also start with a medium investment like 100000 or more, for this kind of investment you have to do a vast amount of research. If you don’t want to face any loss or frustration after a short period of starting your business.

Market Research

who is your competitor, what type of quality are they providing, what rate are they provide, how they are packaging their product and many more.

Profit or Return

You can easily earn 10 to 50 percent of the profit from this white phenyl making business. It will depend on the volume of your investment. If your investment amount is less than 10000, you will earn up to 50 per cent profit. Because in this type of small business you can't appoint a worker to make the phenyl or a salesman to sell the products on the market at the beginning. So, all the profits are yours.

On the other hand, if your investment amount is around 1 lakh you have to appoint a worker for the manufacturing work. In this case, you have to pay wages and other charges. And also you have to spend some money on marketing and other miscellaneous work.

Tools and Equipment

list of tools and equipment for the white phenyl manufacturing process

  • A big size plastic drum to mix all the raw materials
  • a bucket for water
  • a funnel to pour the ready white phenyl on the bottle
  • a biker scale beaker for measurement
  • A wooden stick or hard plastic pipe for stirring the materials

Raw materials

List of raw materials for White phenyl making

  • Pine oil
  • Emulsifier
  • Water


White phenyl is simply packed on a plastic bottle and labelled by a simply printed paper.

  • packaging materials are listed blew
  • plastic bottle 500ml., 1 l., or 5 l size
  • Printed paper label for branding

Manufacturing process

Pour 500 ml Emulsifier on the beaker then pour 1 l Pine oil and mix it well with the wooden stick.Now your 1.5 l white phenyl concentrate is ready. After some time mix 20 l water with the concentrate. Do this process slowly.

And now your 21 l of white phenyl is ready. Now pour the white phenyl on plastic bottle and paste the label and your product is ready to be sold.

How to sell my white phenyl?

You can easily sell your white phenyl on the market like a retail grocery store or a wholesale store.

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