How to start agarbatti manufacturing business?

Do you want to start agarbatti manufacturing business? here you can start Raw agarbatti manufacturing business or Perfumed agarbatti manufacturing business with your own iconic brand or you can do both. In India you have lots of opportunity on agarbatti making business due to over growing marketplace and you can also export your production due to huge demand of Indian incense stick.

You can start agarbatti manufacturing business with a low investment 1000-5000 or with a big amount of investment.

On today’s blog we will make a projection on Raw Agarbatti manufacturing business. Click, here you can learn about how to manufacture Perfumed Agarbatti or Branded Agarbatti.

By producing raw agarbatti you can earn RS. 5 to 10 per kg, it’s depends on your marketplace, investment, cost management and quality.

Mainly, two types of Raw Agarbatti are manufactured in India Hand Rolled and Machine made agarbatti. To produce hand rolled agarbatti you need less capital but huge manpower on other hand more capital and less manpower to produce by machine.

Let’s see details in the perspective investment amount of Rs.7-10 lakh –

Investment & Return

you want to earn a large amount of return, you have to invest at least Rs.7-10 lakh for Machinery, Raw materials and Marketing. From this amount of investment you can earn Rs.65, 000 – 80,000 or more, it depends on your own marketing strategy.


In this process you have to buy 4 unit of Automatic Agarbatti making machine, 1 unit of agarbatti raw material filtering machine, 1 unit of raw material mixture machine, 1 unit of agarbatti drying machine and a Weighing Scale, with all cost to you around Rs.3.5 – 5 lakh.

Raw Material

To manufacture raw agarbatti you need 5 types of agarbatti raw material, these are charcoal powder, saw dust, guar gum, jigat powder/joss powder, (you have to mix all 4 types of powder in a proper ratio for perfect agarbatti burning) and bamboo sticks. Then you have to invest Rs.3 – 5 lakh in raw material, to produce 7.3 ton of black raw agarbatti in a month.


To operate 4 automatic agarbatti making machine you need 5 well trained staff. 3 staff for feeding agarbatti powder mixture, bamboo sticks and collect ready sticks from machine. 2 staff for filtering and mixing powder and for handling the stock, raw material and other works.

Manufacturing process in short

There are several steps to produce raw agarbatti,

  1. First, you have to filter all powder properly if don’t filter the powder then it will reduce your production capacity and create burning issue.

  2. Secondly, mix all 4 powder in a proper ratio and then add right amount of water, if you are using agarbatti pre-mix (agarbatti premix) powder the just add water and mix it well.

  3. Feed the mixture and bamboo sticks to the machine, and make the machine setup (which you learn through your agarbatti making training program) to make super fine agarbatti.

  4. And collect wet raw agarbatti in proper way and let them to dry in machine.

  5. After drying process you have to weight and make bundle of 500gm. And pack in corrugated box or plastic Bag.


You can sell your raw agarbatti at wholesale market and those who sell perfumed agarbatti by making their own brand.

Now you are ready to set up your agarbatti manufacturing business.

Success depends on your efforts, strategy and marketing skill.

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